Cupid Lips in Minutes!

I learnt about this really innovative Lip Plumping device while watching my daily dose of Doctor's TV. I was shocked to learn that something as simple as a this could give my lips the amazing fullness and definition and that too in just minutes. I have been using Full Lips Pout Plumber for over 3 months and can claim that is the best product in the market! Insider tip, use the Oval one for getting those enviable cupid lips!


Amanda L., Los Angeles

Fullips is an innovative Lip Enhancement Tool created for women to help them increase the size, improve the shape and enhance the fullness of their lips in just a few seconds! Unlike expensive creams that may be ineffective or dangerous surgeries that may leave your lips disfigured, Fullips is non-invasive, instant and offers sexy lips to help you look drop dead gorgeous! Fullips comes in three different shapes to help you determine the kind of look you are going for!


Clean fullips enhancer with mild soap and water.


We recommend lightly exfoliating lips and the surrounding area first, with a soft washcloth or soft toothbrush, to help achieve fuller results. Next, wet the area around your mouth with water. This moisture is not necessary, but may help establish tighter suction which is the key to a good result.


Position your fullips enhancer over your mouth and lip area, hold in place, and begin sucking short puffs of air out of enhancer. Continue until solid suction is established and enhancer is firmly around mouth. (You may have to move it around a little to get it into position to establish tighter suction)


Let lips relax into the enhancer. You should feel a gentle pulling. The amount of time for leaving fullips on will vary for the individual, but begin in 15-30 second increments. Use finger to help break suction.


Apply your lip cosmetics as usual.

"I decided to be your beauty guinea pig and see if it really works. After completing all of the steps successfully, I looked in the mirror and I have to say that this little contraption actually did make my lips look a bit larger. While the results only lasted about two hours, the effects of it were pretty cool!" Carly Cardellino Beauty Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine

"AWESOME PRODUCT! Over the past few weeks I have been testing these amazing little devices that with simple suction can give you a much plumper pout! No crazy surgery, no painful stinging lip glosses that don't ever work, just simple auction to increase the blood flow to your kisser for fuller lips!" The Vintage Doll Official Instagram

"Does It Really Work? Short answer: yes. Long answer: YES, I'M SERIOUS, IT WORKS! I noticed an immediate increase and puffiness in my lips, and you can especially tell a difference when you swipe on some shiny lip gloss." Jesi Pepperminting Blog